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What was good? The entire offense looked bad and they were playing against the back ups. The defense looked good but they were playing the second and third string offense.

Special teams looked great. There.
If special teams looked great then EVERYTHING was not horrible which is what you said

In addition you have greatly exaggerated when there 1s left. If you had listened to the commentators they said that every QB got a run with the 1s on offense. So it was not against all 2/3 like you would have us think.

And on Defense well after you had said that there 3s were in the game nnamdi asomugha was still in the game. I don't know where you got you info on there subs but you are clearly wrong This was a tweet from the 49ers on the drive before the half

San Francisco 49ers@49ers2h
Nnamdi Asomugha pressures Alex Smith on 3rd down and the pass is incomplete. #49ers will start their drive at the 23. #SFvsKC

so I guess Asomugha is playing 3rd string now??????????????