I was lucky enough to get to watch the Chiefs play today. Here are my thoughts after the first half.

-Smith looks accurate on the medium and short passes. He only threw 2 deep balls, but they were both overthrown.
-Honestly didn't see too many other positives to be honest.
-Interior OL seems to be having problems in both the run and pass game against the 49ers.
-Baldwin looked horrible. He only got open once and completed dropped a perfectly thrown pass.
-Too many dropped passes.
-No big holes were made by the OL, but with JC at 100%,he doesn't need a big hole.

- Aggressive in the front 7
-Decent coverage in the secondary, I only saw one guy get open deep.
-Good pressure on the outside.
-OLBs are doing a good job of standing up the OL and keeping the RB from getting the edge. I saw Houston stand up a OT and a TE when all of the starters were still in.

-not enough of a push in the middle in the run or pass game
-too many times the QB was able to leak out and run with plenty of room this may be a play calling issue of not wanting to give away real defensive looks in preseason. If Kaepernick was in in those plays, they would have been huge plays.
-OLBs aren't sealing off the cutback (Hali I think was responsible for the first big run).
-I'm not impressed with Knile Davis as our short yardage back.

Special Teams:
-Great kick return game. Blockers were making huge holes and both Demps and Wylie have the speed and vision to break it any game.
-good punt coverage as always
-good kick coverage teams too.
-Mccluster's quickness in PR reminds me of Dante Hall.
-Mccluster's, Wylie and Demps are awesome.

-The blocked punt has me concerned. Not sure if there were starters or scrubs in on that play, so I don't know what to think of it.
-We almost have too many return men. Honestly, our ST are wayyyy better than last year. Im glad we got Toub. We are going to be dangerous in ST.

Overall, I was not impressed with the offense, except for Smith making good decisions. I was disappointed with the OL, but I am hoping that they have a limited offense right now and as such are not audiblizing the blitz and making adjustments. I hope that's the case.

On defense our blitzes were all or nothing. I like blitzing, but you cannot let the QB get out of the pocket when everyone is in man coverage. I hope to see better coverage schemes, and the guys blitzing getting to the ball faster.

This evaluation is just on the first half. I'll update with my 2nd half eval.