Hey guys. I read you forum just because I was curious about how you guys were fairing with Alex Smith. I had a few thoughts that I think can shore up any doubts, misconceptions, or confusion.

1) The 49ers blitzed a ton last night. This shocked me. It's preseason, and teams like to keep those things under radar. I remember in Harbaugh's 1st year the Saints blitzed AS a lot in the 1st preseason game and it was similar results. Your OLine didn't study game film to prepare so I am not surprised they struggled against blitzes up the A-gap.

2) It was our 2nd and 3rd string defense after the 1st series. There was a poster on here who kept point out that Asomugha was playing. Sorry dude, Nnamdi was on the verge of getting cut before Culliver (our 3rd corner) went down with an ACL injury

3) Our starting OLine outside of Staley played 3 or 4 series. So, even though we had our 2nd and 3rd string QB in, it wasn't like they were all complete backups. Your DLine got some push against our starters. I was impressed.