Preseason football is exactly for games like the Chiefs played last night. There's a reason no one wins preseason awards.

The preseason is for teams to get back in the flow of playing in games. It is also for teams to get the kinks out they are used for teams to get film on all there players so the coaches can go to work on what a given player needs to work on before the games start to count. It is for teams to get there rookies/new players use to playing with there new teams/teammates. It is for spots on the team to be won and lost and that's what the coaches work on most. They don't sit and watch hours of film of the upcoming team they're going to face. They are to busy watching film of there own guys so they can begin to figure out who they want on the final spots of there roster. They watch limited film of there next opponent and put together a very basic gameplan for that team. But nothing like they do in the real season.

A bad presesaon can't be completly ignored you have to work on the things you struggled on but it's results should be taken with a grain of salt. While there are some things that are of concern on this team right now they still have almost a month to work on those. The sky is not Falling just yet. RELAX