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    I would like to say a few things to everybody on the board:

    I didn't know I rubbed that many people the wrong way on this site, that was never my intention. I will admit that I have been too negative with this regime, even though I originally supported the hiring of Reid and Dorsey. In almost every post I talk about Alex Smith and I realize I have been quite critical of the qb, this has also upset some. I just want this team to do well, I really do. It upsets me that I see a talented team held back with what I believe to be a game manager. However, I do understand Smith is our quarterback atleast for the time being and in the future if I continue to post I promise to be more objective and far less critical.


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    Quote Originally Posted by TopekaRoy View Post
    That's another thing the Chiefs have had bad luck with---quarterbacks named "Tyler!"

    ... Palko ... Thigpen ...
    Thigpen should sue you for slander for mentioning him with Palko LOL Palko was by far the worse QB we have seen in the last few years.
    What is a TopekaRoy?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MyManHali View Post
    Tyson Jackson was not valued at number 3.

    Concerning Geno Smith, he is labeled a bust after one pre season game? Shouldn't we give him the same amount of time Alex Smith was given? I dont know, about 6 years? I guess after Fisher's dreadful preseason we should label him a bust as well. RT=Playmaker.

    Read carefully.

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    Quote Originally Posted by doobs_05 View Post
    Hell, I thought thigpin was a terrible choice for a QB (and i remember some people thought we should of kept him going), but damn did i have fun watching his games lol

    Also that's if he gets 12 games in, dude in injure prone

    And people who say "geno threw 3 picks lulz", if that was a rookie QB that KC drafted, you'd say "Hey, he's a rookie and they'll make mistakes, better to make them now then later"
    doobs.....I'm not bashing Geno. I don't bash any player not in our division unless he a Fish from Miami or a Scumskin. Geno had a lousy his first preseason start in the NFL. It doesn't mean much...if anything. My only serious thoughts on Geno are that I'd have been VERY disappointed if we had taken him with the #1 pick overall. I just don't think he was worth it. And I guess a few other teams agreed with me since he went at #39.

    I'm happier with what we did (the trade for Alex and getting Fisher) than I would have been taking Geno as #1. Of course, I am happier with it NOW. Will I still be happy with it at the end of the season? Only time will tell. I think we have a pretty darned good management team in Reid and Dorsey....or anyway, a lot better than I would be.

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