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Thread: NFL "Experts" Showing Chiefs Some Love

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    Default NFL "Experts" Showing Chiefs Some Love

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    As you might expect, all of the experts are picking the Donkeys to win the AFC West. (Lemmings, meet cliff.)

    However, a number of them are also picking the Chiefs to be a wildcard team this year.

    Ian Rapoport: From a 2-14 finish in 2012 to the playoffs in 2013? Yup. Add Andy Reid and a real quarterback in Alex Smith to a talented team with six Pro Bowlers, and that's the result.
    Judy Battista: New coach Andy Reid and QB Alex Smith are big upgrades, while a soft schedule -- which includes Reid's familiar NFC East foes -- should help the Chiefs edge the Steelers for this spot.
    Gil Brandt: Coming off a season in which they won just two games and had little to no offensive presence, the Chiefs have a new quarterback, a new coach and a good schedule. A key game: September's Thursday night matchup against Andy Reid's former Philadelphia Eagles charges on a short week.
    Adam Schein: New coach Andy Reid and quarterback Alex Smith change everything for this previously defunct team. The defense is underrated.
    Michael Silver: There's always a surprise team that parlays a soft schedule, key changes (new coach, new QB) and a little luck into a surprising postseason appearance. This year, it's K.C.
    Check out all their playoff team picks here.

    A couple of them are also picking Andy Reid for Coach of the Year.

    Gil Brandt: Andy Reid, Kansas City Chiefs. Reid really knows what he's doing, both on and off the field, and it showed in the practices that I watched over my two days at Chiefs camp. Reid won with the Eagles and he'll keep winning in Kansas City.
    Michael Silver: Reid. Big Red finesses a playoff season out of last year's NFL doormats, reviving his career and creating lofty expectations for 2014.
    ***Official Chiefs Crowd Game Thread Starter***

    This space is reserved for something that has nothing whatsoever to do with MatthewsChiefs. (Whoever THAT is!)

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    I'd love it if their predictions came to fruition, especially after the rotten season last year where I watched all the game & listened to all the audio broadcasts by Mitch and Lenny. I put myself through that, not because I'm a masochist, but to keep it in my memory because I knew changes were going to come & if success comes as a result of those changes, to keep remembering where they came from & remind others about it just in case they get fatheaded like so many did in 2010.

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    We finally have a name brand coach that the media respects, hope they are right. I still want some more time to see this group before crowning them anything but different. Last year we all heard much of the same and those opinions didn't help us from being a mockery of football.

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