So the offseason is just about over

Let's get our predictions out there, also i dont like that KC plays all the division games at the end (raiders week 6 being the exception), i think it should be, play them once early then the final weeks be the division games. Also its dumb that we play denver, play another team, then play denver, i need a longer cool down period (or denver fans do) after that game lol

@Jaguars - W
Cowboys - L
@Eagles - Toss Up, new coach and vick is till QB
Giants - L
@Titans - W
Raiders - L (i don't care if raiders are the LULz of the NFL, we are 1-5 in the past 3 years against them)
Texans - L
Browns - Toss Up, I feel like the browns are moving up
@Bills - Toss up, they have been playing us tough the past couple years, depends on the QB they have starting
@Broncos - L
Chargers - L
Broncos - W
@Redskins - Toss Up (RG3's Knee, Cousins that good)
@Raiders - W
Colts - Toss up, Was Indy a fluke last year or were they for real
@Chargers - W

The most i could see is 10 wins, the least i could see is 5

Some of you will agree, most won't, and i always make the chiefs go 3-3 in the AFC West because the AFC West just know each other too well (even if its a given that its a win.)