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Thread: must confess...

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    Default must confess...

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    i am a little concerned with the overall play of our secondary in the preseason
    my son tries to telll me not to worry its only preseason but, flowers smith where beat multiple times
    duante robinson was beat badly in the first 3 weeks looked solid vs gb(however it was there backups and v young qbing)
    anybody else dealing with this concern?

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    Quote Originally Posted by brdempsey69 View Post
    That was a running play where they didn't stay disciplined & we didn't see a repeat of that in the next two games. I was referring to pass defense & the examples being the well timed blitz by DJ on Big Ben and again with Berry and Hartman. Although you are right, there could be times when being aggressive could backfire, but still, I'd rather they be aggressive and try to make things happen than be docile and just let opponents steamroll over them like last year.

    Another problem last year was the Offense constantly turning the ball over & there were too many 3 and outs that gave opposing Offenses too many opportunities. This must improve & that's why they went after Alex Smith because he'll help them in those areas.
    Agreed, the biggest concerns against an aggressive defense is the quick slant and screen plays so we'll have to be careful and recognize them, but I too would rather see us be more aggressive and get pressure on the QB, something we didn't do last year.

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    or if Jenkins somehow becomes good.

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