The good
The defense whats not to like. One late game drive when the game has been long over doesn't mean much. This defense was great today. Much better then what they were a year ago

the offense they got the ball in the endzone when they were in the redzone. That's something they didn't do much last year. Time and time again they settled for 3. Today they did a great job of getting the ball in the endzone and getting 6

The not so good

Offense has to move the ball more. The WRs need to step up. Bowe is a far better WR then what we saw today. There were times that they seemed to be looking to try to go to a WR but no one got open and Smith had to make something happen with his legs. The offense has to be better against better teams they just didn't move the ball much at all. They will grow as time goes on and the players get more time in the offense but they have to be better then they were in week 1 when it comes to moving the football