Alex Smith's first start as a Chief was Solid.

There are things that will have to get better yes. But after week 1 you can say that just about of every offense and every QB in the NFL. Alex Smith was in his first start with a whole new Offense and a brand new group of guys around him. He wasn't going to be in Mid season form. But he was solid. He had command of the offense didn't turn the ball over although he was lucky on at least one occasion that he didn't. But he didn't try to force it. When it wasn't there instead of trying to force a pass somewhere he shouldn't he made something happen with his legs.

All in all Smith was Solid. Not great and there are things that HAVE to get better. But it was a nice start to his time in KC. He will grow in this offense and the offense will click more as they get more time together. But it was a nice start.