The good 2 wins last year 2 wins after 2 games this year

Alex Smith- Showed something he was the offense for most of that game when we had no running game and the O line was stinking up the place

The defense They had some bad moments but they came out and are the reason the Chiefs won. If they didn't do a good job today it would have been a l. Mostly the 2nd half they pretty much held Bryant who torched them in the 1st half but they did get lucky with one big drop

COACHING last season this coaching staff couldn't make an adjustment to save there lifes this year they Clearly made some at the half Good to see


The O line they stunk up the joint Smith had no time way to often and had to make things happen with his legs. That can't keep up.

The defense gave up some big plays and were lucky not to give up anther one. That has to be fixed.

All in all 2-0 great start and they have a short week to get what needs to be fixed fixed on to Philly.