Here's some observations in no particular order:

1- It is quite refreshing after all these years to have a QB who goes through his reads and knows when to move up the pocket or out of it. Smith is every bit the game manager as advertised, but for the foreseeable future he will do quite nicely. There will come a point in the next few years that I would like to see us have a game creator. One who will actually stand in the pocket and deliver missiles downfield over the Ds' heads into the waiting hands of our receivers every once in a while.

2- Our O-line is grossly underachieving. I'm not an O-line guru to pick up all the nuances, but I look up and down our line and wonder why they are not better. So is it talent or coaching and the scheme?

3- Continuing on the theme of #2, Fisher is definitely a work in progress. A somewhat slow progress, that is. Don't get me wrong, I'm a fan of his, but he is lost out there some times. The time that their DE almost picked him up and drove him into Smith's face was downright embarrassing.

4- I hate, hate, hate the bend but don't break style of D that Romeo had here. I'm quite thankful we have this aggressive style this year. The last time we did have an aggressive D style, Marty was our HC. But don't get too excited. Marty's D was not only swarming, but also trained for TAKEAWAYS. Yes we did get several turnovers, but the were not of the TAKEAWAY variety. I want to see our guys reach into the ball carrier's belly and attempt to yank the ball out every time.

5- We are a good team, but nowhere near a great team. Let's be realistic. I hate to say it but we will have a hard time standing up to Denver Peytons. I mean we would have lost today's game if it was played in Dallas. The good news though is that barring injury this team will only gel and get better as the season progresses. Toppling Denver from the perch will have to be someone else's job. Hopefully they'll choke again in the playoffs and the Manning era will come to a quick end.

6- What's up with Dez Bryant. I wanted him out of college for the Chiefs. Then he proved to be a head case and I was happy we didn't have him. Then he seems to have fixed his head and become a team leader. Urrrrgh! My head is spinning.

7- Continuing about Dez, I was cursing Andy a bit for not asking for a replay of that long catch before Dallas's 1st TD. I was pretty sure he came down with both hands above the ball. After having seen the highlights a few times I'm not so sure now. Maybe Andy was right. Could it be I was wr... wr... wrong?! Anyway, old Dez returned the favor late in the game by not hauling in that long sideline pass that landed right into his grasp.

8- Jamall Charles is much tougher than his stature suggests. Did you see how he bulldozed that one defender out of the way in the 3rd quarter (4th?) like Sherman tank in a demolition derby? The sound of the pads impact was like thunder.

9- I'm gonna go out on the limb here and claim that barring injuries, Dontari Poe is the next Warren Sapp. I know Iknow, it's a shaky limb, but I don't think it will snap.

And last but not least.....

10- I don't care if Dustin Colquitt is a Democrat or a Republican. If he runs for President, I am voting for him...