So.....What does everybody think of Alex Smith's second start as a Chief?

My thoughts......

Exactly what I thought last week.....

58%+ completion rate.

Zero interceptions.

Zero fumbles.

2 trips to the red zone.....2 touchdowns.

8 rushes for 57 yards.

Most important he showed HEART! There is no quit in Alex Smith. If he couldn't get it done with his arm he was damned well DETERMINED to get it done with his legs. I want that spirit in a QB.


He was sacked 4 times. But I won't put that all in Alex's lap. The O-line was unimpressive to say the least.

All in all....he seems to be what we bought.....a QB that won't win a game all by himself, but won't lose it and if you give him half a chance will put the points on the board.

In short, IMO he is living up to what he is supposed to be. And I am good with that.