not TOO long ago, the chiefs were a respectable team and dominated the division in the early 2000's. I recall watching in sheer misery all of the wildcard and 1st round bye's in the playoffs they have blown by immediate losses in the post season. These days the chiefs, one of the leagues teams with the most rich of histories, are an afterthought laughing stock franchise deserving no coverage and no praise. the legendary crowd of arrowhead has been largely forgotten or downplayed by the star-enamored sports media/bloggers. Any success we might have had in recent history has been summarily brushed aside as anomalous and our league status has surely been set as a bottom feeder - in the same league as the lions of the 2000's, the raiders, the jags and the browns. (let it be known i have respect for every franchise, except maybe the raiders(lol) despite their lack of success). Essentially im ****ing sick of being the expected losers. Im sick of watching this teams only media attention being piss puddle shallow and tertiary of importance at best. This organization deserves some ****ing respect, and i guess im going to throw some **** under the bus illustrating the crap out there said about the org or its players that im flat out sick of.

1. Alex Smith. - Love em or hate em, i dont give a ****. I didnt follow his early career in san francisco. I know that it didnt start out as the amazing success that it was hyped to be. I also didnt follow the organization long enough to know if it was a QB problem or a key talent gap in the rest of the team, or a coaching problem or some combination thereof. Frankly i dont care either. Im utterly SICK of reading countless news articles about the chiefs, only to hear every sports writer on the internet proclaiming Alex Smith to be a fabulous, but no more than a 'game manager'. the most derogatory term of mediocrity ever bestowed upon the quarterback position. A term that isnt so bold as to proclaim complete ineptitude, but one surely soured enough as to exclude forever the possibility of such a talent from ever achieving star status. What do i find so ironically pathetic of the term? The fact that every outlet with a wordpress account (or worse yet, with their own tv network) proclaiming peyton manning's defensive read capabilities as mortally transcendent. His ability to MANAGE THE GAME hoisted as a godly power! Is alex smith peyton manning? **** no, peyton is an amazing quarterback talent. but how is one mans prized asset another man's greatest weakness? Ive watched Alex's play enough this season to realize there are flaws, but writing off his 3rd and 17 scrambles for first downs as 'serviceable' is a flat out insult. I remember watching this kids game in san francisco ,live, where he was literally booed off the field by 80,000+ people. I remember he did a lot of good things in that game, but was only remembered for his mistakes, of which I cant imagine fell completely on his shoulders alone. I remember feeling sorry for him that he had to endure such embarrassment. The fact that he didnt throw his helmet warp speed into the nearest bleacher was enough for me to know that the guy had some character. "Hes another Matt Cassel" - well maybe in some respects, but the guy doesnt throw 2 dwayne bowe's height over his target receiver. He can scramble for yards. He completes more passes than not. If he cant make the throw he doesnt. Maybe with some more confidence he can make riskier throws. I hope to see him develop and excel with this team. but i wouldnt insult him helping to leading this 2-14 team from last year to 3 victories out of the gate by labeling him as a mediocre 'game manager'.

2. Andy Reid. Im supposed to be an eagles fan. theyre my 'home team'. but in these parts your home team can be either the eagles, the jets, the giants, the ravens, and even the steelers are allowable. (its the same ****ed up situation as the hockey teams are around here). too many big cities in close proximity. Regardless, ive never liked any of those teams. In fact, the only team youre NOT allowed to be a fan of around here is the cowboys, but that doesnt stop there from being plenty of them. Im a ****ing chiefs fan damnit and dont ask me why because it wouldnt make sense if i even attempted to explain. Reid had a great level of success with the eagles, apprently more than any other coach in the franchise's history. He deserves their respect. it took exactly one really bad season for him to be fired. I could have cared less about it all, but then the chiefs signed him.

Ever since then, all i can read about is "Andy Reid's Chiefs!". Hes doing a hell of a lot better job coaching, along with Dorsey managing, than the previous lot of losers, but Im sick of reading about this franchise as being described as "Andy's Chiefs" in the media. Lead us to a ****ing superbowl and maybe ill jump on that band wagon. We were 'Todd Haley's chiefs' for a hot minute there too, and look how that ended, along with the current state of the steeler's offense. The bottom line is, this is Andy's LAST SHOT at making a turnaround comeback in the NFL. Pretty sad considering his history of success as a head coach, but the *******s of the world have a short *** memory, and his career will hang or soar with the immediate future of the chief's franchise. We're the ****ing chiefs damnit, andy coaches the team. Hes a chief now too, not the other way around.

3. ESPN's adam teicher. Im starting to miss bill williamson, the journalist of few words, covering the division. Anyone reading teicher's live blog commentary during the cowboys game? Hes clearly a fan, and in just about any piece of his division coverage, he doesnt hold back with taking a shot at the chiefs with whatever underhanded commentary he can pull out of his bile ducts. This guy gets paid for this ****? Id like that job, but id probably just turn that column into a raider's thuglife hate column. perhaps im not the guy for the job afterall, but that doesnt mean teicher is either.

If i read one more article about the statistical headwinds facing the chiefs of breaking the worst losing record in NFL history in our attempts of having a winning season, and how we should thank our statistical turnover ratio to an elite defense, or some fluke that will be 'averaged out', which will ultimately expose our franchise to be the ginger step children losers of the AFC conference that we are, Im going to FREAK OUT on my ****ing cats, who have no idea whats coming to them or why im taking this out on them. It turns out theyre the only living things around that will listen (sort of). Seriously, its a ****ing football TEAM just like any other team in the league. these guys are supposed to be professional journalists, can you not provide any better insight into the actual team and its game time performance aside from some ****ing stats you pulled off a computer or who didnt show up to practice?

Did the fact that we had Romeo ****ing Crennel coaching a pathetically demoralized offensive line and the most panicked QB ive ever seen stuck in a 'pocket' (if one ever happened to form) charging downfield all last season escape the media's memory? It doesnt get any worse in a professional league than our offensive situation last year. So why is everyone so ****ing surprised that after weeding out Scott Pioli and his puppet personnel, actually started paying our players some god damn money instead of sitting on millions in salary cap, that we're winning some ball games? Im not surprised, in fact I say its about god damn time some proper changes were made and i EXPECT us not to be a repeat 2-14 team.

4. Only winning because of your Defense. First of all, who the **** requires MULTIPLE reasons as to WHY they are winning games? I dont remember the ravens OFFENSE being the fearsome driving force behind their success in recent years. Last year was the first year i can remember joe flacco NOT being perpetually bulldozed for his lack luster offensive performances through multiple seasons of seemingly chronic inconsistency. This franchise's defense has been its highlight since the turn of the century as i recall it. You dont WIN games without scoring points, and while Id be the last person youd find bragging around town about our offensive potency and consistency, This year's offense is leagues beyond where it was just last year. I cant imagine the possibilities this team could have with its fully healthy lineup of tight ends, another solid receiver or two, and shaping fisher up to speed to play with the big boys. Im ****ing proud of our beastly defense, and if anything i could feel a lot better about it with more depth at safety and corners. Again, attributing the current string of success to some fluke defensive effort is an insult to the rest of the team effort working their best to make the plays that count to get points on the board.

5. You didnt beat any good teams. Really? so philly's highest pass/rush offensive yard trio wasnt impressive enough because their defense sucked? Dallas win wasnt really a chiefs win, it was a dallas loss beating themselves? and the jags of course arent worth mentioning because they are scum. Would their wins be more legitimate if they beat the 49ers? oh wait didnt they get their faces pounded by a visiting colts team with a soph QB (whom which has fallen off the media radar completely since his draft i should add). Are we only considered legitimate if we beath peytons broncos TWICE later in the season? If we defeat the Giants will we write them off as losers as well, with their stock falling faster than blackberry this season i wouldnt doubt it being another illegitimate win. The chiefs are the LOWEST ranked 3-0 team this season... because??? they have a number 2 defense and 3rd best point differential and a league best turnover ratio? Because we have a beast LB leading the league in sack counts?

In the end i dont think that 15 wins this season would be enough to gain some respect and attention. So long as we dont have a manning or a rodgers on the team, we will continue to be small time. I hope that this team continues to fight and win games and show some of these ****ers that there is more to talk about in the AFC west than the status of mannings' post season aspirations. Dont mind us, we'll just be winning games under the radar in whatever way we can make it happen.