could this be a trap game??, maybe the giants are not as bad as they looked last week. maybe the panthers are better than everyone thought. maybe eli bounces back and has a great day, maybe the CHIEFS get behind early and can't dink and dunk their way back. maybe the CHIEFS defense expect to have a monster day chasing down eli and stuffing the run but because of that don't give 100% and it never happens. maybe the CHIEFS offense expects to run the ball all day against the porous giants D but the giants stiffen and that never happens.

do I think this will happen...NO!! but am I afraid of the possibility, ya sure you betcha!!! although I am also sure that Big Red has been pounding this exact scenario into their heads all week so that it doesn't happen.

who could have predicted before the season started that the CHIEFS would be a 5 point favorite against the NYG??