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Thread: Will Alex Smith have big game?

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    Default Will Alex Smith have big game?

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    could this be a sort of break out game for Alex?? if the CHIEFS establish a running game early, and the giants have been letting everybody run on them. that should roll up the safeties to support the run, good play action should freeze the LB's [and Alex is very good at play action] should open up a lot of passing lanes both over the top and underneath.
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    I hope so. If the Chiefs are going to win this game, then their Offense will have to be proficient, somehow.

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    Say 2 TD 1Int or fumble. 270 yds passing. 1-3 point loss

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    Think it depends a little bit more on whether or not the recievers are able to make the catch. They are getting better, but if they start hauling in more passes, avoid the drops, Alex's numbers go up as a result, not to mention converting on 3rd downs.

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    Only time will tell.

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