The good

Dexter Mccluster through out the week alot of talk about how he was a wasted pick. I disagree I've been high on him. If used right he can be a weapon he showed some of that today

The Defense. Outside of 1 play they were OUTSTANDING and they did it without there best CB. That's a great sign

THEY FINISHED them off and TOOK over the game. In the past we have seen this team crumble in close games late. They've done the opposite this year

The bad.

The turnovers While one was just an amazing bounce for the Giants they can't turn the ball over 2 times and exepect to win very often. It just won't happen

MR. D BOWE effort on some plays or lack there of. I am very harsh on Bowe because I know he has a ton of talent his effort and quitting on a route is just never acceptable he did that today. He needs a bit of a fire under his rear although he did get a td late his effort early in the game can really hurt this team