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    First off, I'm a long time Eagles fan. Been following the Eagles when Bill Bergy was playing.

    Second off, other than my Eagles, the Chiefs have become my second favorite team due to Andy R.

    Actually, truth be told, when the Cheifs played the Eagles recently, I was actually rooting for Andy to win.

    Eagles fans can be rough. I was even at the Vet when the snowballs were thrown.

    I've actually been reading this forum for some time since AR came over to the Chiefs.

    I'm going to say something, and please don't flame me. Don't forget where your team was at.

    Funny, Andy had one bad year, and really had some player issues of no control of his own, and Philly let him go for a bad year and NEVER winning the superbowl. I remember when the Eagles were ALWAYS at the bottom of the conference, and when Andy came it, he finally turned the program around to consistant winner. Fact is, the Eagles were so much use to winning and going to playoff games, that one bad year now turned into something that was unacceptable.

    You guys are now 4-0.

    Where were you at last year? Yes, the Chiefs maay not be perfect, but they're learning how to win again. Don't forget where you came from.

    I don't mean this in a bad way, but from some of what I've seen on the forum, seems the some of the Chiefs crowd are quickly turning into Eagles fans when they started to win and quickly forgetting about when they use to lose.

    More importantly, Andy and his wife made many contributions to the Philly area outside of football, and I can't help but think that they will be doing the same in the KC area, if they haven't already.

    You guys have a good head coach, but more important, a better man. Don't lose sight of that.

    And for the record, the first score I look for now a days is to see what KC did, not because of your winning season, but because of Andy.

    Remember, more important things in life than just football.

    I would love to see Andy win the super bowl for the Cheifs though. I still have my Phillies '80 pennant, so even if the Eagles never win it, I still remember Tim McGraw jumping up and down :)
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