Just calling you out and see why your not around to cheer kn the chiefs when there doing good? You only come on when you find something.negetive.

It honeslty has crossed my mind you might be geno smith himself cuz your not on here on sundays and all you do is b.I.t.c.h about alex smith and go on amd on about geno whIich he CHOKED on sunday. So are you really geno and just made a false name to cry some more that you werent 1st pick in the draft.

If your not geno then why cant you get over it and support the chiefs and have positive feedback amd support. Even if its criticism theres a positive way of being suportive and cautious/skeptic as the same time your rooting for them. By you not showing up except when you find aomething.negetive it just defeats your posts and makes it all hogwash and everythings your just to bitter and just complaining just to complain. If your not going to get over geno until you realize that geno is a but then your going to miss out.

Not trying to start a war but its a little upsetting that I even gave time of day to read your crap if your not here to root for them amd seee how good alex has been. Yes I want to rub it in your face just a little. Lol I was skeptical a little of alex as well but never once did I not think alex was the best option. Iv always hated geno and his reputation of wanabe gangster and all that. I dont think geno is a starter but thats just my opinion cuz I dont like him. But alex smith is by far the best option we had and far as im concerned I hope we sign him long term. Due to I hope were not that high in draft again to snag a frnachise qb again.