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Thread: I'm coming to Arrowhead...First time ever

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    Default I'm coming to Arrowhead...First time ever

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    Well, I put it out there and she said yes. So, my bride to be and I will be coming to Arrowhead for the Browns game on Oct. 27th. We are leaning more towards flying down and staying in a downtown hotel for Saturday and Sunday night. Just a couple questions for you folks that may have done this before.
    1/ Is there a hotel downtown that offers shuttle buses to the stadium for the game?
    2/ Is there anyone from here going to the game that wouldn't mind a couple extra at their tailgate party?? We won't really have the means to bring food along, but we will bring our own beverages, and we are more than happy to pay a few bucks to join you.
    Thanks all

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    I would say that the answer to all those questions are more than likely "Yes" as for hotels with shuttles I know for a fact that shuttles do exist there. A Google search should serve nicely as a starting place to locate the appropriate hotel for your needs.

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