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Thread: IMPORTANT: Tips for watching online streams

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    Default IMPORTANT: Tips for watching online streams

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    I've posted several links to sites that are streaming this week's game in the game day thread. The following tips will improve your viewing experience.

    I have never gotten a virus from any of these sites, but make sure you are running an anti-virus program anyway. It's better to be safe than sorry. If you don't have one of the popular paid AV programs (Norton, McAfee, Avast, etc.), Use Microsoft Security Essentials. It's free, auto updates virus definitions weekly and I have been very happy with it. You can download it HERE.

    You will find that when you close some of the many ads that cover the video stream 1 or more downloads will be initiated. These are potentially dangerous programs that may monitor your internet activity, install unwanted toolbars and/or generate pop-up ads. DON'T PANIC. Just hit "cancel" when it asks you if you want to download the file and you will be fine. (You may have to do this several times, but once you have, they won't come back unless you refresh the page.) As long as you don't download any of these files, they can't hurt you. If you do accidentally download one don't open or run it. Just delete the file.

    Most of these streams have several "pop-over" ads. Click on the [x]s or wait for the countdown timers to reach zero to remove them. When you do this, often a new window will open. Close these windows as soon as they start to open. They won't harm your computer, but many of them have steaming video content that will make it hard to listen to the game or cause the game stream to buffer or get choppy.

    If the stream is stretched or compressed horizontally or vertically, in many cases, you can change the aspect ratio to fit your screen (4:3-SD or 16:9-HD format). Right click on the video window and select "stretching is...uniform, fill, exact fit or none" Click on that until the image looks "normal."

    If the stream you are watching goes dead you can sometimes restart it by hitting the play button at the bottom, but usually you will have to refresh the page. If that doesn't work, or if the stream is choppy or low quality, just try another stream.

    And finally, if you plan on watching sporting events or live streaming tv on line a lot, I highly recommend the Maxthon Cloud Browser. It is super fast, has a clean, simple user interface and tons of "bells and whistles," but three of them are particularly useful. First, it automatically blocks most pop-up windows before they open and the few that do open are forced into a new tab, rather than a new window hiding behind the one you are currently on. This makes it fast and easy to close them right away. Second, it has a cool "split-screen" mode so you can watch the game on the left while you surf FaceBook or Chiefs Crowd (or anything else) on the right. The third feature is my favorite. If you hover your mouse cursor over the video window, a "pop-out" button will appear. Click on it and the video stream opens in a new window that you can move, resize, maximize and even put "always on top!"
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    That was very informative. it give me a whole other prospective on how to protect my computer.
    Now I no why I don't get viruses. I configured my computer like that not knowing that little tidbit. Thanks a lot and here a token of my appreciation.

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    No problem, Samuel Lattimore and thanks for taking the time to read it & thanks for the vid.

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