The Good
The defense in the first half and 4th They were lights out enough said and came up with the picks late to wrap it up

Alex Smith in the 4th Came up clutch when they fell behind Alex took them right down the field and got in the endzone. That's not something we have seen before. Most the time in the past few years that was when the team caved. They didn't today

Ryan Succop came up clutch in a long field goal. Big plus

The bad

Alex Smith he seemed a bit off today. Thew a Cassel like pick. Every Qb has a downer game through the season lets hope that was his.

The defense in the 3rd they looked like last years d and a hot knife through butter. They can't let a team come out of the break and do that most of the time that will cost you. But they didn't let it cost us.

The penalties Can't have them. They Play the Faiders next week and they like to draw you into that type of game. We can't get in that game.Penalties like that will KILL you. They were lucky to escape

Overall this was a 2010 like win. They got some bounces and got the W and that's what matters.

GO Cowboys today and GO CHIEFS