A lot of Chiefs fans think that Scott Pioli didn't draft well. I have never been one to agree. I have said before that the failure that was the Pioli Era was not due to poor talent it was due to the fact that for whatever the reason he couldn't get a good head coach. No one wanted to work with him. They tried to get Jeff Fisher he didn't want to come. Pioli failed because of coaches not talent drafted lets take a look at some of his picks

Justin Houston do I really need to go into detail the guy was a steal

Dontari Poe Like many I hated this pick I didn't want to come close to him. But lets be real he has shown he was a solid pick. In just his 2nd season he has made a ton of progress

Eric Berry I wasn't high on this pick either but he has improved in coverage. And The more I see the more I'm glad he's a Chief

Tyson Jackson This is one of the most talked about picks. Jackson has not lived up to his draft spot but he hasn't been as bad as some would have you think. IMO switch this and Houston and it's pretty even for the production we have gotten out of them. He missed one badly he hit the jackpot on anther makes a wash.

Dexter Mccluster Many many I noticed that I like the guy. He showed last week that he CAN be a weapon. Every great team has a weapon that sure most the time you may not get much from him but any given week he can make an impact on the game. That's Mccluster. Drafted a little higher then he should have been but other teams real close were going to draft him as well.When used right he can be a weapon

Ryan Succop Has been great for this team. The HIGHEST field goal % in Chiefs history. Showed Yesterday he can make some Clutch kicks that are not give mes. And has made a few game winning kicks. I don't think he has ever missed a game winner correct me if I'm wrong

I think we need to give Pioli a small VERY small amount of credit for this season. I would still like to smack him for making us endure Romeo as the head coach might be slightly worse then Herm. But he did add some good peaces to this team. So I will tip my cap to him and give him an ounce of credit for the guys he brought to this team along with locking up Charles and Hali. He did more good then what he gets credit for. All be it he was still a failure he did do some positive