The good

The offense IMO is showing some progress. The 97 yard drive was one of the best drives that you're going to see. They looked deep more then they have before just have to get timing down which takes gametime tries.

The D in the 2nd half was what we've seen this year. They were at a disadvantage not having any film of Keenum who was impressive in his first start. But they didn't let that stop them And GOALLINE STAND NICE

The bad

The offense still being a work in progress they show you at times what they can be then at others they look like last year. The redzone offense in the 2nd half was poor a lot of that was playcalling. That has to be better

The defense at the start. They just didn't look the same. I don't think they were ready for the offense Houston ran. But the good news even in that is they clearly were able to make the needed adjustments. That's something they wouldn't have been able to do last year with that joke of a coaching staff.

Very lucky to be 7-0 but still are 7-0 keep on rolling Bring on the Browns