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Thread: And now for your amusement

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    Default And now for your amusement

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    I thought this was pretty funny - brought on by an idiot - in an unintended humor sort of way.


    Network: ESPN
    Program: NFL LIVE
    Announcers: Jade McCarthy, Herm Edwards, Tim Hasselbeck
    Clip: Alex Smith's fake(?) handoff to Jamaal before running it in himself

    - How'bout this improve here?


    - That's why it's "Improv!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by ctchiefsfan View Post
    I'm inclined to agree. Bizarre it was, but a "mix-up"? I don't think so. If you watch it in slo-mo it is very hard to see it as a busted play. No Chief hesitated for even a second. Alex Smith stood there like a statue but it wasn't a split second after JC went past his back and cut left in front of Smith's right shoulder that he tucked it in and went for the hole. I've probably watched that play 50 times and all I can see is some of the most artful trickery that I have ever seen. When Alex Smith handed left and JC went right it froze the entire Texans defense for maybe 1 second. But the Chiefs O-line never slowed up or hesitated. That play has been sitting in the playbook since early in the season.....just waiting for 3rd and short close to the goal line. I remember seeing a Raiders fan saying that the Chiefs couldn't handle a mobile quarterback. He forgot that we have one. Alex Smith LIKES to run with the ball. Makes me nervous every time he runs, but I will never argue with success.
    Why would anyone other than Smith and JC hesitate even if it was a busted play? They all had their backs to the two of them. They would have no idea he was going to run. This was supposed to be a read option. Smith had the option to hand it to JC or run it. Smith's eyes are looking forward and looking for the hole. JC tapped him to say, hey take off, I f'd up.

    Dont forget Smith knows a thing or two about the option offense. He perfected Urban Meyer's spread option before Tebow ever had a chance in it. In two years, Smith ran for 1000 yards and 15 TDs. He knows how to read a defense and find a hole. It is very feasible he reacted that quickly. Don't forget Smith is very smart too. He completed his degree in economics in 2 years with a 3.74 GPA and started his master degree before going into the draft after his 3rd year.

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    Read the name dumbass!!
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    If Herm thought it was a mistake, it was intentional
    The only reason a beer sweats around Canada is because he's decided it will be the next beer he drinks.

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