pretty good article here by Adam Schein NFL Media columnist
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Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck dropped to a knee in victory formation Sunday night, handing Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos their first loss of the season.
That left the Kansas City Chiefs as the NFL's last undefeated team -- just as we all predicted.

Deal with it, people.

The Chiefs are 7-0, yet in the eyes of critics, they're hardly perfect. Sure, there are flaws, like the lack of an explosive passing attack. And I won't suggest that the Chiefs are better suited for a sustained playoff run than their AFC West rival Broncos. But you shouldn't count out, disrespect or discredit Kansas City. That'd be unfair. That'd be missing out on one of the great turnarounds in NFL history, as the Chiefs have gone from last-place laughingstock to legitimate force.

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It's amazing what the right coaching staff and quarterback can do for a franchise