on espn collectively agreed led by herm E and stink that the CHIEFS are only the 3rd or 4th best team in the AFC based on the fact they only played one team w/a winning record so far. however until the loss to the colts the broncs were crowned the undisputed team to represent the afc in the super bowl. well they have only played 2 teams w/winning records and have lost to one of them. the CHIEFS opponents combined record 15-33, the doncs 18-30....not a big difference. I am beginning to think that manning & co. may not be the juggernaut we were led to believe now I am less apprehensive and more excited to see how our CHIEFS fair against them after seeing how they have done against our common opponents. it will be hard for the team to stay focused against the browns and bills with the donks on the horizon, but cleveland should still be a winnable game but I fear the bills in buffalo as a let down/trap game as they look ahead.