The good

The first half offense. They put up points moved the ball a lot and kept the Browns offense off the field. That's the offense that will win this team games. They have to put it together for a whole game something that so far they have failed to do. But That offense was really good. Still some things to work out but that's the offense this team needs.

The defense 1st and 4th They started the game out forcing 3 and outs and they finished the job in the 4th. Running Qbs still a problem but they got the job done yet again.

The bad

The offense in the 2nd half. EVERYONE was pretty bad. The O line stunk it up that hurt everyone. Smith had no time to do much. And that offense just wasn't moving the ball like they did in the first half. They have to find some way to pull it together for a whole game not a half. They show what this offense can be then they start stinking up the joint like they did in the 2nd half today

The defense in the 2nd and 3rd. They just were not getting the job done. They were not getting to the QB like they have this year. Gordon was beating everyone even Flowers. If they play like that it's going to get us beat but they did get the job done when it matter much. They just had a bump in the road.

Overall this is one that the Chiefs are very lucky to win. The Browns could have won this game if they didn't make so many mistakes of there own and some unforced mistakes at that like Bess. Very lucky but good teams find a way to win these games and that's what the Chiefs did. 8-0 Bring on the Bills