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Thread: is it possible reid is lulling the later opponents to sleep?

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    Default is it possible reid is lulling the later opponents to sleep?

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    it just does not make sense holding bowe back like this.

    i know the offensive line is a work in progress so to speak,

    but there are plenty of occasions where one would assume bowe was going deep?

    or is it by design.

    lets say charles was the focus the first 8 games,

    who is to say bowe is not the focus in the next 8?

    just a thought.

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    can bowe run a 40 yard sprint in about 3 seconds? that seems to be the higher end range of time this o-line can provide smith on blitz pressure.

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    Bowe isn't known for his speed. He is known for his strength, YAC ability, and size.

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    I don't mean to be a smart-ash, but it seems to me the biggest problem we have is our offense and that the biggest problem with our offense is time for Smith. Am I missing something?

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    It's receivers not getting open. Is it play calling and route types or is it the players? I think it's players 70% and 30% play calling. When we run the screens dump passes and slants we are producing. When we run bumps and posts we are lacking speed and receivers that fight for the ball and position.

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