Yeah I know there's another thread like this, but I had too many points of observation for one reply. I'll get right to the meat:

1a- This O NEEDs to improve. Buffalo WILL be tough and I for one do not remember KC doing well there. The rest of the schedule is going to be tough if our O is like this. The first half was very promising and Alex was getting good protection. But when Cleveland adjusted for the 2nd half, we had almost no answer. Granted, we were again playing against a very good D.

1b- Alex Smith: This was the first time I can totally go with the label of game manager for him. He is still mil;es ahead of Cassel, but his newly obvious trend of high passes on tosses over 7 yards needs to be fixed fast. I don't know what it takes, but he needs to be sharp next week in cold Buffalo.

2- When was the last time we scored a TD on our very first drive? I'm sure we've had one this year, but I don't remember it. After two initial excellent drives we should have been 14-0, not 6-0.

3- Gimmick plays have never worked consistantly for the Chiefs since Hank Stram. There was a big difference in the execution of the flea flicker by the Browns and by the chiefs in this game. Our reverse in the 1st quarter developed very slowly in the backfield and expectedly didn't go anywhere.

4- Bowe may not have yet gotten untracked in receiving, but I think his blocking is priceless. He doesn't get much credit for that.

5- Twilight Zone moment of the game: Andy declined a running-into-the-kicker penalty giving the momentum riding Cleveland O the ball on their 27! WHAT THE HELL?!! Why not let the best punter in football punt from 5 yard closer and try to pin Cleveland deeper in their own end? I'm totall stumped on this.

6- Andy almost did not challenge a 3rd down play when the refs spotted the ball a full yard back of where Alex had gone down, almost forcing us into a 4th and inches decision. It was so obvious that my grandma could have seen it, and she's long been dead. WTH ANDY?!