I am getting very tired of hearing the "experts" give the chiefs credit for being undefeated and in the same breath saying but they have the softest schedule. I know my mind is not as sharp as it use to be but if I remember correctly the Chiefs were 2-14 last year and last place in the NFL. They EARNED first pick in the draft.

When the schedule came out I expected at best 3-5 right now. Soft schedule? The Chiefs had the Cowboys, Eagles, Titans and Texans in the first 8 games. When every team was 0-0 no one predicted how this season has unfolded. The Cowboys and Eagles are usually solid teams. The Titans have been improving and the Texans were favored to make the super bowl this year.

I know the Chiefs are not playing perfect football but for now they do have a perfect record, I do not expect it to stay that way. There is no way anyone can convince me this has been a soft schedule. The mighty broncos have played some of the same teams and won. The scores sure look different! The Chiefs may not put as many points on the board as the broncos but neither do their opponents. I was convinced that the Chiefs would not beat the broncos even as the season went on, I do not believe that now. After watching what the Colts did to the broncos I know the Chiefs Defense will give them a headache.

Soft schedule, I do not think so. A winning attitude and some very good changes during the off season is just making it look easy. I think the experts need to get it right. With the way the Chiefs Defense man handled the raiders at home make this a winning season to me!