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Thread: Alex Smith Trade

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    Default Alex Smith Trade

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    So, now that we have hit the 8 win mark, we know that we are giving San Fran our 2nd. I for one am now satisfied with what we gave up. Smith may not be lighting it up, but I see him as being a big part of the whole change in culture here. We paid a 2nd round pick for his leadership, and to make a change to someone who knows how to win and has won before.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jap1 View Post
    I don't disagree that he may not be a long term answer, but I'm not quite ready to declare that we need to use a top draft pick on a QB. I'm hoping that the offense will start clicking. The OL has been a huge disappointment to me this year, so I am willing to give Alex the benefit if the doubt that he doesn't have time. My superstition (and being far outside KCs market) has kept me from watching a game this year, so I cannot analyze anything more than stats. I'd like to watch some footage to make my own analysis of what Smith is doing wrong/right as well as the OL.

    I've watched every snap this season. It's half-way through the season. These past few weeks have been especially brutal. He's missing wide open receivers in the end zone, running up the sideline, and crossing over the middle. He holds the ball too long and takes too many sacks when he should be throwing the ball away. He puts together 2 or 3 good drives each week and thankfully, that's been enough to get the win. That ain't gonna fly in the 2nd half of the season.

    If there's a QB available in the "great group" of QBs coming out this season that is a legit franchise builder when the Chiefs pick, I wouldn't hate the pick. I realize there isn't a great need at the QB position right now. I realize it would be a controversial pick. But there is something to be said for grooming a QB.

    Not sure it matters though... it's not like the Chiefs have the same player personnel that the Packers had when they took Aaron Rogers while they still had Favre.

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