Greetings from Atlanta.

Obvious that the Falcons season is a train wreck due to injuries
and questionable drafting by Dimitroff.

Tony has brought us many spectacular plays and he is still playing at a very high level
in spite of missing training camp.

Many Falcon Fans really appreciate what the man has brought to the team and
in his final season it makes most of us sick to the stomach to see him
trapped with a team that will be drafting #8 overall.

We want this guy to exit the game with a team that has a strong chance to
play for the Lombardi, and the Chiefs are in a very good place right now.

Tony has stated that he has no desire to be traded away from his team mates in Atlanta (mostly Ryan)
and is not going to throw us under the bus.
The guy has Class.

If we just cut him the the Jags will have first dibbies on him.

Trading for draft picks is a bit much being that this is his final season
and we are paying his azz $7mil.
So I am thinking a 7th ?? or a player off your roster.
We need defensive help,,and I am betting that your scrubs are better than ours.

Any thoughts?
or do I have to emotionally hold the Donks (Denver) over your heads..

Yaeh yeah yeah,,, I know that was a cheap shot, but for the sake of Gonzalez
I just had to ;)


Any of y'all remember the Atlanta Cheifs?