3 games in a row shows us some alarming trends with this kansas city football team.

The obvious:
We are playing a solid defensive team who is starting their alternate alternate (alternate?) QB. Hes not a Case Keenum level prodigy, not someone most people have ever really heard of. Going into this game EVERYONE is expecting this kid to make some key mistakes against this Defense.

We have a history of losses at buffalo. Its a tough place to go in later in the season with the cold and come out with a victory. Chiefs have something of a 5 game losing streak there in the past decade (or something like that).

The Ugly:
Offensively, this team has hit rock bottom. Each week seems like a regression, and this is not a QB problem at this point as smith has been pretty damn consistent in his play style whether hes facing big leads or dangerous deficits.

When you have 20 points in a football game by the mid 4th quarter and 6 of them have come off of offensive drives, you have a serious offensive impotency issue. Playcalling feels uninspiring and execution is inconsistent at best. Not one shot was made downfield or at the endzone this game and this is a tough problem to diagnose, largely because we do not know if the source of this is a reluctant quarterback, a lack of receiver speed or zero protection up front allowing for the deep ball. Considering ive seen smith with SOME decent time to throw today, this doesnt fall entirely on the offensive unit.

You cant win big ball games if you arent throwing or running footballs in the endzone.

Ive been fighting the 'chiefs suck' wave all season, but as the season goes on we're looking more like 2012 then we are the first 4 games of the year and im officially panicked.

Defenseively - How can you have a touted top ranked defense in the league and not have a single guy up front that can tackle either running back at the line? On the other hand, how does a defense consistently score as many or more points than the offense is beyond me.

As a whole this team is feeling eerily like a certain 2010 team that won a lot of games and also had a soft schedule and was completely exposed and regressed horribly as the season went on. They wound up getting completely destroyed by a league best level defense in the ravens at home.

We're 9-0 and i couldnt feel any less confident about who or what this team is.