Going into the bye this game shows there is a TON to work on

The good

The defense getting scores That's what won the game it's pretty simple But that's the only good I can think of from this game outside of the fact that it was a win. That feels again like a loss in some ways

But 9-0 got to be happy with that a winning season secured going into the bye week

The Bad

The offense was HORRIBLE mistakes from all involed Smith Bowe Mccluster the Playcalling was Horrible how can a team with Charles have a 25 to 7 pass to run difference? That's not putting the offense in a spot to do well. It hurt the offense and that has to go on Reid as he is the playcaller. He can't just not run the football. But the offense still made mistakes on plays they should have made It was a horrible showing for the offense

The defense allowed way to many long drives and runs. They were very lucky they were able to get the turnovers. And The Bills to made some mistakes with some drops. VERY lucky indeed. Even on the Pick 6 the Bills had a guy wide open in the endzone. This is one that the Chiefs were very lucky to win

Overall This team found a way to win yet again. That's what good teams do. But now it's going to get a whole lot harder Denver is coming up and the offense is going to have to start showing up. The bye weeks gives them time to work on what they need to work on and that's a lot lets hope they get it done.