We've been talking about this game in just about every thread for weeks now so I figure it's time this game had it's own thread.

For the last several weeks I have been worried sick about almost every game, but for some reason I'm feeling fairly good about this one. Maybe it's because it's still 2 weeks 'till the game. Maybe it's because there is no way this game has the potential to be a trap. Maybe it's because there is not going to be some unknown QB with no film available. Maybe It's because our Defense seems to have been almost "custom built" to face Denver. Maybe it's because of Reid's excellent record coming off a bye week (he's 13-1 coming off the bye). Maybe it's because most of our team has played these Broncos before. Maybe I am just crazy.

The Good.........

Reid's teams are consistently well-prepared coming off a bye week.

Sutton will have plenty of time to prepare a game plan for the Donks.

While our Defense has been starting slow the last few weeks, so has the Donks Offense. 6 of their 8 wins have come when the Donks have blown out their opponent in the second half. And the second half has been when our Defense decides it's "Git-R-Done time". Our Defense should be going 110% right about when the Donks start clicking. I feel pretty good about that match-up.

The Donks defense doesn't suck, but they are no world beaters. If our Defense is playing well, and our Offense is playing well, we can score just as many points as the Donks do.

To win this game we are going to need our best effort yet from our Defense, Special Teams and Offense, but I think we are going to see that.

Our Defense should be able to keep this game close and as we all know by now if a game is close going into the 4th quarter we have a habit of winning.

The Bad......

The game is in Denver and their crowd should be amped up. These teams hate each other and their fans are HUGELY PISHED OFF that they are 8-1 while we are 9-0. Their fans are going to be LOUD.

The Donks offense is good and can score a lot of points in the blink of an eye. I have not yet seen anything from our offense that suggests they would know how to come back if we got down by more than 2 touchdowns.

Our offense has not been making a lot of progress the last few weeks, although I have seen more willingness for them to throw downfield...and I think we will NEED at least a couple of long gainers to win this game.

Reid went all pass-happy on us yesterday against the Bills in the first half. I think the pass to run ratio for the first half was 27-7. We won't beat the Donks that way. I love Andy Reid, but I worry that he will look at the Donks vs Cowboys and Donks vs Colts games and think we can beat them in a gun-slingers duel. I think a balanced run and pass game is the only way we can beat the Donks and I'm worried Reid will go cuckoo on us. If we are going to win this game we MUST get a running game of some sort going early in the game so that Alex Smith will have some time when he throws.

No predictions from me, but I think this is a game we can win and if we do then we will truly be in control of our own destiny.

GO CHIEFS!!!!!!!!!!