This years Chiefs have reached there bye week and I don't think even the biggest homer anywhere had this team being 9-0. I know for sure that I didn't. There are a lot of people who didn't have this team winning 9 games all year long. And after last season who could blame them. So this years team has been a real pleasant surprise.

The defense. I'll start with the easy part. Even at their worst this has been a bend but don't break defense. They have allowed some teams to move the ball but they have yet to allow a team to put up over 17 points. They have had a very limited number of bumps in the road like the 3rd quarter against the Titans. But even with those little bumps (which every team has) they have still been the only defense to yet to give up more then 17 points. They have been OUTSTANDING. Still some things to clean up but still even with those they have been the best in the NFL.

The offense. Very frustrating at times. They have shown some flashes from time to time of what they can do. But now 9 games into the season they have yet to be able to put it together for a whole game. They are going to have to here soon the test are about to get a whole lot harder. But the good news is it's nothing they can't fix. The bye week comes at the perfect time for this team. They have 2 weeks to A. Work on the things that have held the offense back. And B. Get ready for there biggest foe in the AFC west race. This offense has great potential. They just have to put it together. They are the perfect offense to beat Denver but they have to get it done on the field. Potential is great. But this team had potential last year. We all saw what happened. The bye week is a great chance to get these things worked out. They have to get it done. It would be great to see this offense running up to what they can. It would make this one really tough team to beat.

All of this has been talked about now here are some things that I don't think have been talked about enough

John Dorsey- Is there any doubt that he is the GM of the year. Just look at the moves he has made that no one thought about that we all now see were pretty good moves. They are the rest of the surprises.

Marcus Cooper- Where did this guy come from? The defense was missing there top CB on a couple of occasions but he didn't make you miss him much. The guy has come out of no where and he's only a rookie. He can still get better and that's very very exciting for this team.

Sean McGrath- While he isn't bound to be a pro bowler this year he did a very nice job filling in at TE. For a 3rd string TE you really couldn't expect any more then what you got. These are the types of moves that good GMS make. It's easy to talk about the trade for the QB. But for the 3rd string TE to be helping the team win that's not something that you see very often.

Ron Parker-Special teams is not something that most football fans like to talk about. It's one of the "little things" that good teams do. This guy to special teams has been like Cooper to the defense. Where in the world did he come from? I can't tell you how many times we have seen him be the guy to make a play on special teams. There is some luck involved with the muffed punt. But at the end of the day he put himself in position to make that play. The guy is one of the most underrated stories on this team.

Dontari Poe- This is not a Dorsey special but the guy has been a surprise. He made a HUGE jump from last year. And has been a force on defense. I was one that didn't like the pick when it was made. But he's making me happy that I was wrong. Hopefully he is able to keep it up.

This years team has been a surprise to everyone. They are contenders. They have as good of a chance to win it all as anyone else. I look forward to seeing this team get a chance to EARN the respect from the talking heads on tv. They have a great chance to do so between now and the end of the year. They just have to get it done.