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Thread: Donkey's OG quits football

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    I have very mixed feelings about this. In a way I admire him for having his priorities right. He is walking away from over a million dollars to spend more time with his family and protect his future health. Not many people would do that. On the other hand he did make a commitment to the team and he should have stayed for the rest of the year before announcing his "retirement." What if the Broncos lose another offensive lineman for the season?

    As far as quitting on the team goes, the Broncos are probably better off without him. If you don't love playing football and your heart isn't in it 100%, you are not going to be able to play at an NFL level. If you are an offensive lineman and you are playing while scared of getting hurt, you are not going to be a very good player. At least by freeing up a roster spot, the Broncos can bring in somebody else, although there aren't many pro-caliber OLs sitting out this year.

    There is probably more to this story than him just not wanting to play football anymore.

    Oddly, the official Broncos website has almost nothing to say about the move. The only thing i could find is this:
    The Broncos activated center J.D. Walton from the reserve/physically unable to perform list to the active roster Tuesday afternoon.
    The team also placed guard John Moffitt on the reserve/left squad list, which allows for a five-day roster exemption.
    Maybe they will have more to say after the roster exemption expires on the 10th.
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    This is a minor annoyance for the Broncos. Won't change how they play, and sure there'll be plenty of guys out there that'd like to play for Manning.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seek View Post
    That is what he is saying, but I think the real truth is that he is really just not happy being a back up and not playing so he is just quitting and using Health as his crutch to soften up the reall truth that he is a quitter.
    I agree with Seek, this guy is dumping in a very wimpy manner.

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