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Thread: Some interesting statistics......

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    Default Some interesting statistics......

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    We've all heard how the Donks are an offensive powerhouse. We've all consoled ourselves with "Yeah, but we have a much better defense." And we do. But while I was responding to another thread I got out my calculator and got into trouble. can probably do a better job with these numbers than I did, but I found these numbers surprising.......

    Donks.....343 points for....218 points against.

    Chiefs 215 points for.....111 points against.


    But wait a minute....use your calculator.....

    343 points for vs 218 points against means the Donks score 1.573 points for every point scored against them.

    Chiefs are nowhere near that good.....RIGHT????

    215 points for vs 111 points against means our Chiefs score 1.936 points for every point scored against them.

    That means our Chiefs have a 23% greater point differential!!!!

    "Yeah....but the Chiefs offense doesn't score enough......"

    Lets see if that is true.....

    Unless I am mistaken, our offense has scored 166 points this season.

    That would make Points for 166....points against 111......let's see how that stacks up against the Donks....

    166 to 111 means the Chiefs offense with NO HELP FROM THE DEFENSE OR SPECIAL TEAMS scores 1.495 points for every point scored against them. That is only 5.5% less than the Donks entire team point differential.

    I am starting to think these damned DONKS are PAPER TIGERS!!!!!

    Get your BBQs out boys!!!!!! We gonna cook us up some DONK BBQ!!!!!

    And in case y'all didn't notice it on the news the other day, some US company just got FDA permission to open up a horse slaughterhouse to sell horsemeat abroad. A COINCIDENCE???? I THINK NOT!!!!


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    Quote Originally Posted by brdempsey69 View Post
    We all saw the so-called numbers go completely out the window in Oakland last week. Nobody would have even dreamed that Nick Foles would toss 7 TD passes, as the Eagles Offense had its struggles the previous 2 weeks.

    For the Chiefs, if the O-Line will give Alex a bit better protection and the receivers do a better job of getting open and catching the ball, then the Chiefs scoring will go up. Would also like to see better push from the Chiefs interior Center and Guards on running plays.
    Quote Originally Posted by matthewschiefs View Post
    This is true

    The offense is going to make this the game they put it together for the whole game if they are going to move to 10-0. Alex is going to have to make the throws he needs to make. The O line is going to have to give him time to make those throws. The running game is going to have to do what they do for the whole game. And the WRs can't drop td passes like they did against the Bills. Like I've said all year this offense has potential but potential and getting it done on the field are 2 different things..
    This is the most fixable thing about our offense that I see. If we'd cut our dropped passes in half, our standings in offensive rankings would be much, much different.

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