How does it feel to go from 2-14 to 9-0? As a 49er fan I respect the Chiefs and Alex Smith. A lot of people think he can't throw or win a game from behind but little do they know Alex had 4, yes 4 fourth quarter comebacks in 2011. And no one can't forget the beautiful throws he made to Vernon Davis to come back and beat the Saints in the 2011 divisional round. If my 49ers don't make the SB, or get beat in the playoffs I'm rooting for you guys all the way. Give Alex what he deserves. The guy is a winner. And Alex can bring the team back. Go and show the nation the Chiefs are for real, cause I know they are cause they are a mirror of the 2011 49ers. Only with a better pass rush. I know you guys will prob sack Manning like 4-6 times on Sunday. Btw, the 2011 49ers didn't have a good passing offense either. People said they couldn't come back and Smith couldn't pass, and looked what happened? A NFCCG appearance . So there's a big chance you guys will make it to the AFCCG. If you guys get a bye and with your crowd, man. Btw, Alex Smith has always had his ways with Seattle. He was the last QB to win at Seattle. Just in case you guys meet in the SB.