Hello everyone!
I have decided to join this forum in hostile territory to discuss this game. This is probably the biggest game of either of our team's season.

First, you should know that the majority of Broncos fans are very worried about this game. We do not believe this will be a blowout. Reason being: we lost to Indy. They provided the blueprint on turning out the Broncos. I admit we got ****y, blowing out teams left and right and now teams know how to take Manning out of the game.

Really: provide a great 4-man rush, putting pressure on Manning and man-coverage against our WRs. Who is able to do this better than the Chiefs? I think the Chiefs could really put pressure on Manning and cause him to cough up some turnovers.

Something I think the Chiefs should be worried about is Denver's defense is much better than they look on paper. Think of it like this...when a team is behind and couldn't put points up on the opposing team all game, then suddenly at the end they run no-huddle and seem to easily move down the field to stay in the game. It's called garbage-time. The Broncos have blown out a lot of teams early, causing teams to give up on their running game and throw the ball. And without Miller and Bailey for most of the season, teams could easily throw on us.

Now we have Philips (who is having a great season) and Miller back, we have a formidable pass-rush that's only getting better. Denver also has a great run defense, stopping every RB so far this season and even the high-powered RG3/Alfred Morris and Vick/McCoy combos.

In this game, I think the Chiefs will slow the Broncos offense down. I just read an article on Yahoo about how Reid went out and found large CBs to cover the larger, physical Broncos WRs. So you're going to disrupt our offensive juggernaut. But in biased fashion, I think Manning will find a way to score points, especially by leaning on screens and running the ball to slow down the blitzes. I just don't see the Chiefs scoring more points than the Broncos UNLESS the defense causes Manning to give up several turnovers.

It will be a great game and I give you guys mad respect for the turnaround you've made. Finally the West is competitive again and it's really good!

What are your thoughts?