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Thread: Even the denver media is talking trash now.

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    Default Even the denver media is talking trash now.

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    Check out this article from the denver Post. Hope this article gets seen by every Chiefs player.

    GO CHIEFS!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by brdempsey69 View Post
    ^^Great analysis, Eydugstr and that's what really frosts me more than anything is that the Donkeys camp THINKS that they are entitled to have the playing field tilted in their favor by whatever means & that opponents are obligated to just roll over on their backs and die when they face the Donkeys, just because they have Manning at QB.

    If the playing field starts to get tilted in the Donkeys favor for Manning's sake ( and Chiefs fans need to watch this closely tonight ), then , as dirty as it is, it's time for someone to put the permanent KNOCKOUT on Manning and put an end to that charade. Manning already has a SB that he won outright with Indy and doesn't need to be "given" one in Denver.
    Don't think that KC will be the type of team to make an outright, blatant illegal hit, but don't be surprised if some team that's out of the playoff hunt, and looking to play spoiler, does. The Raiders are notorious for doing this. The logic being "Hey, we're going to be penalized, might as well have the pleasure of making the hit." It's also another reason the refs should focus on being consistent with their calls.

    If Manning goes down, get ready for the media crudstorm that comes next. There will be trouble afoot in Camp Elway. But hey that's the bed they made, THEY get to sleep on it.

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    To any Donkeys fans that may be reading this, just let me tell you something:

    If your going to be dumb enough to come to Chiefs camps and talk your dumb Donkey doo-doo they way that you have, then you better be smart enough to know that there's going to be a rematch in KC in two weeks and if the Chiefs don't win tonight, the Chiefs will most likely come into the rematch sky-high and blood thirsty in KC.

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