With the Pro-Bowl voting open and in a new format, some people are starting to talk about who should and shouldn't be voted in. I occasionally check out walterfootball.com to get his analysis on different things. He tends to be a little overly critical of KC, or he just is very blunt and I see the team through rose-colored glasses. That having been said he is voting for a lot of Chiefs into the Pro-Bowl, and I am surprised at some of the names.

Here is his site: http://walterfootball.com/probowl2014.php

I was specifically somewhat surprised by Asamoah, Albert and A. Sherman. Granted, I have not watched any games (and wont until we lose for fear of jinxing it), but judging by analysis and comments here, I am surprised to see 2 linemen on there. I would have thought our OL was not that good. As far as Sherman goes, I havent heard much about him, so I would love to hear why he is so good.

Of note, he is not picking any of our DBs. I am not surprised by that, based on the stats, at least.