In order to win a game like tonight's in that venue we needed to:

1- start out of the gate fast. We did quite the opposite.

2- Play our overall A-game. We didn't.

3- Hit manning a bunch of times. We inexplicably didn't! And Hali and Houston were rarely mentioned by the announcers.

4- Get cheap points - kick returns, fumble returns, pick6es -at least once and preferably twice. We didn't.

5- Not allow cheap points. We didn't.

6- Have Alex and the rest of the O, especially the receivers, step up. They didn't. In fact they regressed. D-Bowe ran lazy routes. Avery was a liability, and the rest couldn't get open. Alex was too nervous and gun shy. he didn't look good at all. I was secretly hoping that we had kept our O vanilla all season to suddenly open it up on Denver. So much for wishful fantasies.

7- Have Tony Gonzalez - yes I'm saying this - in the line up. We didn't. Thank you Mr. effing Dimitroff!!!

8- (More to come after I calm down and think more straight)

Let's face it, this team is pretty good but not as good as it's record. Our O has never gelled, and our D is showing slight signs of mortality. Hopefully at least the latter trend could be stopped this year. Let's worry about our O next season if they don't show signs of life then. But I trust, Andy will fix that for next year and maybe then we will fiels a complete team and a legit Super Bowl team.

For now I'm enjoying the overall unexpected success and do not expect us to go far in the playoffs.