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Thread: An overlooked problem with our offense.

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    Unhappy An overlooked problem with our offense.

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    I have seen may reasons offered as to why our O is struggling. But I do not remember this one discussed. We jump around blaming the new scheme, the O-line, the QB, the receivers, the OC, the O-line coach, the play calling, etc. But we should not overlook the fact that this offense is sorely lacking in locker room leadership. We simply do not have motivating veteran players on our Offense. The closest I can think of that should have assumed that role are:

    1. Alex Smith- All the talk about his game manager label, added to the fact that he simply distrusts his receivers does not earn him a general's credibility among the rest of the O players.

    2. Jamaal Charles- Dude is an awesome RB, who performs well on the field. But I have not detected anything in his demeanor as a star player who should demand perfection from his fellow offense players.

    3. Branden Albert- He demanded LT money and showed himself pretty selfish in the off season refusing to accept a move to a more suitable position where he can possibly excel. In the process he has been no more than an average LT delaying Fisher's development.

    4. Dwaine Bowe- I was really happy with his never say die attitude during the ugly disaster that was 2012. At times he literally carried the offense on his shoulders last year. This year, after the big contract he seems to have lost his focus and desire to play hard. This is the saddest one of all, because he has the talent and the outspoken personality for the leadership role.

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