What can be said about the Kansas City Chiefs? They are the team that no one saw coming this season, bouncing back from a 2 14 record in 2012 to a 9 1 record to start 2013. It really is like watching a completely different team, but fans will gladly take the new over the old.
The Chiefs are now tied with the Denver Broncos for the top of the AFC West, a wonderful treat for fans heading into the holiday season. Kansas City will return home for a match against their other divisional rivals, the San Diego Chargers, before playing host to the Broncos in a rematch at home on Thanksgiving weekend.
The resurgence of the team is providing fans reasons to get behind the organization after years of undying hope that a turnaround was on the way. As fans and their families prepare for the Thanksgiving holiday, they can be thankful that their team is at last looking like a winner with the words Superbowl contender written all over their record.
For fans who know the in and outs of the team along with the rest of the NFL, Thanksgiving is a special time to reflect on the season especially if there is money to be made. As part of the holiday season, a special online thanksgiving football promotion is available to football fans in Kansas City, as well as across all of America.
This promotion is a simple guessing game for NFL fans that can spot stadiums with a quick snapshot. A photo featuring the mascot of LowestRates.com, the domain hosting the promotion, will be uploaded to social media over seven days leading up to the Thanksgiving day games. The mascot will be in a different stadium in each photo, and participants must submit their guess online as to which NFL stadium is in the background.
After all the photos are uploaded and the final guesses are submitted, the promotion organizers will determine a winner, who will receive a special $500 grand prize for participating. This prize can be used to pay off tickets for a Chiefs game charged to a credit card, or used for Black Friday gift shopping which also takes place over the holiday weekend.
The good times keep on rolling for Kansas City football fans as the march towards the playoffs and hopefully the Superbowl, continues.