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Thread: Heard this on TBD this morning

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    Default Heard this on TBD this morning

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    Not sure if any of you listen to TBD in the mornings but I heard them say they have heard "whispers" around the Chiefs organization that they want more explosiveness out of A Smith. They said that they want him to trust throws to Bowe and get the passing game downfield . I understand their issue, but first off D Bowe hasn't given Smith any reason to trust him with those throws. And secondly as they pointed out the short passing game is who A Smith is. That's his strong point, so if you try to make A Smith into something that he isn't, or isn't comfortable with then he will likely make mistakes. I know everyone on here has a dif viewpoint but just curious what your thoughts are on this. As far as off season goes I'll be curious to see how many qbs are gonna be avail in the 3rd round of next years draft. We need to go Wr in the first if we can't get any decent receivers in FA. Also need a RT so we can move Fisher to LT and cut Alberts pay out. To me he hasn't earned his money most of the year and I honestly have a bad taste in my mouth over his last offseason and not wanting to move to RT after we drafted Fisher.
    Heres to hoping we come out very motivated this Sunday, get lots of pressure on Quivers and beat the Chokers. Go Chiefs!!
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