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Thread: Heard this on TBD this morning

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    Default Heard this on TBD this morning

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    Not sure if any of you listen to TBD in the mornings but I heard them say they have heard "whispers" around the Chiefs organization that they want more explosiveness out of A Smith. They said that they want him to trust throws to Bowe and get the passing game downfield . I understand their issue, but first off D Bowe hasn't given Smith any reason to trust him with those throws. And secondly as they pointed out the short passing game is who A Smith is. That's his strong point, so if you try to make A Smith into something that he isn't, or isn't comfortable with then he will likely make mistakes. I know everyone on here has a dif viewpoint but just curious what your thoughts are on this. As far as off season goes I'll be curious to see how many qbs are gonna be avail in the 3rd round of next years draft. We need to go Wr in the first if we can't get any decent receivers in FA. Also need a RT so we can move Fisher to LT and cut Alberts pay out. To me he hasn't earned his money most of the year and I honestly have a bad taste in my mouth over his last offseason and not wanting to move to RT after we drafted Fisher.
    Heres to hoping we come out very motivated this Sunday, get lots of pressure on Quivers and beat the Chokers. Go Chiefs!!
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    They probably will move Fisher to LT in 2014 with Stephenson taking over RT. Granted, Fisher has had some struggles as a rookie, but playing out of position doesn't help & he has repeatedly faced the games best pass-rushers and could have struggled a whole lot worse. Albert has not been head shoulders above anybody on this O-Line and they've all has their struggles. No way would I paying Albert top-5 LT money.

    I do agree, that the Chiefs need to throw deep, but nobody seems to want to catch the ball. Got to look to the draft and FA for WR's....cut and dried.

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    I 100% agree that Bowe has given Alex 0 reason to trust that he will simply go up and get the ball.

    It's way to simple to say that he needs to trust Bowe more and go downfield that seems more like fan talk then what I think would be going around the Chiefs offices.

    Alex Smith is who is he. He's a good QB. He's not at the top level but he's good. He's not a guy who you can count on to make everyone around him better. But he's a QB that if you put talent around him can do VERY well. The Chiefs simply have to put that talent around him. Our WR core is crap at best right now. Bowe is not a number 1 WR. He's a VERY good 2 but not a number 1. That's going to be the big need going into the offseason. The O line early in the season was crap as well. But throughout the year they have played better. So my concern for them has went down a tad but you can never have to good of an O line. I'm far more worried about the WR core then QB,O line at this point. Like I have said before we have changed QBs over and over same problems. We have added to the O line time and time again same problems. We have brought in guys to support Bowe as number 1 WR time and time again same problems. The one place the Chiefs haven't addressed is the number 1 wrs spot. It's time to address that spot IMO. Bowe has had chance after chance to prove he can be the guy with QB after QB he had 1 GREAT season but after that just so so. He has games that he can take over then he has games you forget he's on the field. It's time to get a Number 1 guy at WR. Keep Bowe if possible he is still a very nice peace but get a NUMBER 1 guy.
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    I have a hard time believing those "whispers" are coming from the organization.

    Is it feasible that they want Smith to feed the ball to Bowe a little more often, even when he is in tight coverage? Yes. In fact Smith seemed to do that a couple of times against the Donkeys. After all, Bowe is a possession WR. He is good at making the tough catch over the middle in traffic.

    As far as throwing downfield, I am going to call BS. Reid is a WCO guy who likes to use the short passing game in lieu of a running attack. I have a hard time believing that Reid is disappointed in Smith for looking for the short high probability passes, unless he is passing up on people that are open to do so.

    The problem is that we do not have any route runners and/or deep threat WRs.

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    I'm taking all of this with a grain of salt. Sure, everyone wants to see Alex Smith get downfield more often...But throwing jump balls is just something the man doesn't do. And with a 9-1 record, can't blame him.

    Our problem is that we have no Vernon Davis. The TE situation has been a merry-go-round at best, the WR corps does not have a breakaway star, and Alex is probably thinking, "Why should I throw an incompletion or an INT when I can scramble?". If this problem could've been cured as easily as throwing jump balls to D. Bowe, Reid would've tried that by now.

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