So, I'll start with the weather. The forecast for Sunday in New England shows a mostly clear night, HOWEVER, also predicts sub-30 temperatures, and sub-20 real-feel.

Peyton's stats for sub-30 temperature games are as follows;

8 games (7 full games), Manning is 2-5 (.400)
175-285 (61.4%), 1761 yards (6.2), 76.7 QB Rating

If we extend the temp to sub-32, his rating drops to about 70.

As for going up against Brady and the Patriots, Peyton is 4-9 vs Brady all-time, and 6-10 vs Bill Belichick all-time. Despite not being very good, those records aren't horrible either.

But, when playing in New England it gets a whole lot worse. When playing in New England (including playoffs), Peyton is 2-9, throwing more interceptions than touchdowns, and has only one game without an INT.

Look at this however you want, but combining the fact that Peyton is going into New England where he doesn't usually fair too well, and that it likely going to be well below freezing. This is looking to possibly be a good game.