This one HURTS badly

The good

The offense THEY DID THEIR JOB. 38 points their is 0 excuse for the d to lost that game the way they did today.

The bad

The defense.
Yes I know they lost Hali and Houston but that's no excuse for the 41 points. That's the thing with this core group of defenders. When things get tough they FOLD their tents. Last year they did it time and time again. And they did it today. Very upset with these guys right now. They got a lot of praise for how they played early in the year. But they need to feel the heat for this. They can't keep folding the moment things get tough

Andy Reid Keeps being pass happy. The running game had a number of nice runs and he didn't stick to it. And lets night forget the bad timeout call late in the game instead of at the very least running the clock down he called a time out with about 20 secounds left on the playclock.